About me:


I´m experienced manufacturing and project manager with more than twenty years of experience in the engineering industry. My customers are manufacturing companies and I provide for them welding supervision, defectoscopy – non-destructive testing of welds, third party inspections and project management in the field of welding. I gained my experience in small and medium-sized businesses owned by Czech owners and in large international corporations. Through this experience I have gained a deep theoretical and practical experience in production technology, particularly welding, welding supervision and defectoscopy of welds.

I have experience in project management and implementation of new production and technology of welding, machining and assembly. I worked for example for Howden Compressors or Schäfer Menk.

More than 12 years I am the owner of the certificate EWE – EUROPEAN WELDING ENGINEER and because I want to provide my customers with the best service, I continue further in education.


I offer:


Welding supervision

Welding supervision in accordance with  EN ISO 14731:

  • The creation of welding procedures WPS.
  • Preparation of welding procedure qualification WPQR.
  • Reviewing contracts with customers.
  • Selection of a suitable base and filler material.
  • Staff training and supervision of the quality welds performed during the manufacturing process.
  • NDT inspection activities.
  • The creation of welding plans.
  • Creating plans for nondestructive inspection welds.


Defectoscopy – non-destructive testing of welds

  • Visual weld testing acc. EN ISO 6520-1,  EN ISO 5817.
  • Penetrant weld testing acc. EN ISO 3452-1, EN ISO 3059, EN ISO 2377.
  • Issuing protocols and test reports.


Third party inspections

  • Pre-production inspections at suppliers.
  • Inspections during production.
  • final inspecions
  • Witness and hold points.
  • Meeting deadlines inspections (production, purchase).


Designing welding lines, project management

  • Navrhování svařovacích linek, zavádění nových výrob, transfery výrob, materiálové toky, rozmístění pracovišť atd..
  • Designing welding lines, implementation of new productions, transfers of production, material flows, etc ..
  • Project management in the field of welding and mechanical engineering, feasibility studies, schedules, budgets, staffing.
  • Improving of existing production and processes.




Kamil Smetana
Kotevní 1002/7
Praha 5, 150 00
IČ: 60474319
tel.: +420 737 049 397